Hair Loss Women

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Why am I losing so much hair as a female?

Though not all female hair loss is genetic, hereditary hair loss, called androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness, is the most common reason for hair thinning in women. Is female hair loss common? Studies have shown that almost half of all Australian women...

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When do women start losing their hair?

Hair thinning may start in your twenties but most women will start noticing hair loss and hair thinning after the age of thirty. The most common type of female hair loss — androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness — typically begins between 20 and 40 years of...

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How to stop hair loss in women?

Female hair loss can be stopped in its tracks — and even reversed — if you catch it early. The Hairy Pill® provides access to preventative medication that can help stop hair thinning and stimulate hair growth in women. View real before and growing results from our...

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