Why did we start The Hairy Pill®?

The team at The Hairy Pill® wanted to provide a hair loss treatment that delivers superior results while remaining affordable and convenient.

Two of our directors (Jono and Noah) had tried just about every hair loss treatment under the sun and were close to admitting defeat.

Then they met Professor Rodney Sinclair

The Hairy Pill® was born from their successful hair growth experiences with Professor Sinclair and his patented technology. We put our (somewhat hairier) heads together to create The Hairy Pill®, delivering good old-fashioned service with an uncomplicated hair loss treatment.

Today, we provide a simple, honest and transparent online service to access a market leading and personalised hair loss treatment. One pill. One solution. No hidden fine print and no ridiculous guarantees.

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So what exactly is The Hairy Pill®?

The Hairy Pill® is a subscription service that provides a hair loss treatment for men and women. This treatment includes your hair loss treatment (a single pill, taken daily) personalised to you, along with follow-up doctor consultations, ongoing compound pharmacist production and express delivery, and ongoing support from the patient services team.

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What is The Hairy Pill®?
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