Professor Rodney Sinclair

The underlying technology of The Hairy Pill® has been researched, tested, refined and patented by the world-renowned Professor Rodney Sinclair. He’s considered a world leader in hair loss, nail disease, psoriasis and skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. He requires 62 pages so he can fit all his achievements into one resume (no joke, we’ve seen it). He single-handedly privatized outpatient clinics via Sinclair Dermatology and is past-president of the Australasian Society for Dermatology research, the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society and the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Melbourne
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Melbourne
  • Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists
  • Fellow British Association Dermatology
  • Fellow American Academy of Dermatology
  • Fellow American Dermatology Association
  • Fellow International Society of Dermatology
  • Fellow Australasian Society for Dermatology Research
  • Fellow Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society

He makes the guidelines

Professor Sinclair is the co-author of the section on dermatology in the Oxford textbook of Medicine and the lead author of Therapeutic Guidelines - Dermatology, Australia. He has written 13 textbooks on dermatology and has well over 400 research publications to his name. His research is highly cited and his innovative treatments for hair loss receive regular requests for media commentary.

He manages the trials

The underlying technology of The Hairy Pill® has been clinically tested by Professor Sinclair and his team via his clinical research company Samson Clinical. His trials provided evidence supporting hair loss prevention and hair growth, which led to his successful patents, and the technology has now been prescribed to well over 10,000 patients in Australia via his Melbourne based clinics over many years.
Did we mention that Professor Sinclair convened the World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology in Melbourne in 2006 and the World Congress of Hair Research in Cairns in 2010. He is the Secretary General of the International Society of Dermatology Congress which is scheduled to be held in Melbourne in 2021. In between all of his incredible accomplishments and highly regarded work he conducts clinical trials and continues research into hair loss treatment.

Clinical research:

  • Hair loss prevention and treatment
  • Laboratory research into hair and stem cell biology
  • Laboratory research in regenerative medicine
  • Laboratory research in gene discovery
Professor Sinclair’s research uncovered that hair loss doesn't come in one-size-fits-all and each person requires a personalised treatment at a specific dose to have the highest chance of successful treatment. The Hairy Pill® makes his patented hair loss treatment accessible online. No more clinics, trips to the pharmacy (it’s delivered to your door) or complicated kits (it's one pill taken daily).

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If caught early your hair loss may be reversible or preventable. If you leave it too long, it may be permanent. The only way to tell how much hair you can regrow is to start treatment today.
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