Our Doctors

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How many patients has Prof. Sinclair treated?

Over the last 25 years, Prof. Sinclair has helped over 20,000 patients with hair loss in a clinical setting. That’s why you can put your confidence in The Hairy Pill®, knowing that the underlying technology uses is backed by research and clinical results.

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Who are the doctors at The Hairy Pill®?

Our partner doctors are Australian registered and work under the guidance of Dr Rodney Sinclair. Dr. Simon Rose – Registration MED0001066713 Dr. Allan Krawitz – Registration MED0001216600 Dr. Amalini De Silva – Registration MED0002079533 Dr. Amanda Molinaro –...

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Does Professor Sinclair have clinics?

Yes. In addition to working with The Hairy Pill®, Prof. Sinclair runs two Dermatology clinics in Melbourne. He is also a Director at the Epworth Hospital and a Director at his clinical research company Samson Clinical Pty Ltd.

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