How many pills will I receive in The Hairy Pill® treatment?

Each bottle of The Hairy Pill® contains 100 pills personalised to you.

Why 100? The Hairy Pill® works on a 90-day cycle. Most patients can start seeing results in 3-6 months and your first doctor follow-up consultation occurs after 3 months.  Then you will receive your next bottle

Our subscription-based structure means that your treatment will always arrive in time, so you never miss a dose.

Each bottle contains an extra ten pills in case any pills are misplaced or there are any delays in your next bottle delivery.

Each time you receive your new bottle of pills, you can dispose of the old ones and begin your new bottle straight away.

Can I change the number of pills I receive?

Nope – and for good reason! The treatment created by Professor Rodney Sinclair is designed to follow a 3-month prescription-based timeline, which is based on his very successful clinical framework.

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