How does The Hairy Pill® hair loss treatment service work?

The Hairy Pill® has an efficient and convenient 5-step process you can enjoy without leaving home. 

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How does The Hairy Pill® hair loss treatment work?

Step 1. You’ll need to fill out our online form. It only takes 5 minutes to complete. 

Step 2. Once you complete the form online, one of our registered Australian doctors will review your submission for treatment suitability. If they have any questions, they will reach out to you directly.

If treatment is deemed suitable, the doctor will approve you for treatment and send a prescription with your starting dose of medication to one of our compounding partner pharmacists

Step 3. The pharmacist will call you to confirm all of your details and take you through the treatment before producing and dispatching via express post. 

Step 4. You’ll receive an initial 3-month dose as one pill taken daily. Why is it 3 months upfront?

Step 5. To make sure the hair loss treatment remains personalised to you and your needs, you’ll have regular phone consultations (every 3 months) with one of our partner doctors at no additional charge.  The doctor will be able to change your dose and/or ingredients to improve your response to the treatment, as required.

Consultations can also be requested at no additional charge anytime.

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