Does The Hairy Pill® really work?

The underlying technology has been researched, clinically tested, proven and patented by Professor Rodney Sinclair.

Professor Sinclair has provided this technology to over 20,000 patients via his three clinics in Melbourne. You can access much of his body of work via Google Scholar and the patents via Google Patents.

Because of his success with treatment in Melbourne, we’re committed to making it accessible to everyone in Australia via The Hairy Pill®.

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How long will The Hairy Pill® take to work?

Like all good things, the hair loss treatment takes time to work. For most patients, it will take between 3 and 6 months to start seeing results (though many do see results faster). 

The doctor will likely start your treatment on a low dose (depending on your previous experience with hair loss treatment/s) and likely increase your dose at months three, six and beyond to continue to personalise your treatment and improve your results. 

The only way to find out how much hair you can grow is to start your journey now.

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Is shedding normal?

It’s totally normal to notice some extra hair shedding on your brush, after the shower, or on your pillow in the early stages of your The Hairy Pill® treatment.

This early hair shedding indicates that the treatment is working — this is the first stage of new growth! New hair follicles from below are pushing out much of the old/dead hairs. This will make room for fresh new growth. 

It generally lasts around 4-8 weeks, after which point, you’ll notice the thickening. This can happen in multiple cycles over the next 6-12 months until, hopefully, you’ll have much fuller coverage.

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