Who are the hair loss doctors at The Hairy Pill®?

Our doctors are hair loss experts. They are Australian registered and work under the guidance of Prof. Rodney Sinclair.

Who are our hair loss doctors?

Here are some of the doctors qualified to prescribe:

  • Dr Rodney Sinclair – MED0001136753
  • Dr Samuel Cooke: Prescriber 2799339
  • Dr Daniel Rawicki: Prescriber 2809267
  • Dr Joshua Sansom: Prescriber 2786582
  • Dr Emma Fraser: Prescriber 2794246
  • Dr Simon Rose: Prescriber 513249
  • Dr Simon Olenski: Prescriber 2616955
  • Dr Russel Krawitz: Prescriber 2400033
  • Dr Scarlet Love: Prescriber 2792655
  • Dr Tom Souchen: Prescriber 2816384
  • Dr Allan Krawitz: Prescriber 2370824

These are some of the doctors you may speak to during your phone consultations, which are included in The Hairy Pill® subscription.

Are The Hairy Pill® doctors licensed Australian practitioners?

Yes. The Hairy Pill® partner doctors are registered Australian Practitioners who work under the guidance of Dr Rodney Sinclair.

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