When do men start losing their hair and how fast does it happen?

Did you know men can start losing their hair as early as their teens? Male hair loss usually occurs in a predictable pattern, starting with a receding hairline (typically in an M, V, or U shape) and a gradual thinning of hair and balding at the crown.

Around twenty percent of Australian men will become bald in their twenties, thirty percent in their thirties. Almost half of Australian men will experience baldness in their forties.

I am starting to bald now. How fast does hair loss happen?

Hair loss is unique to each person who experiences it and is therefore quite unpredictable. Some people will go completely bald in five years. For others the process is much slower. It usually takes between 15 and 25 years for a man to lose all his hair. This uniqueness in hair loss is exactly why our treatment is personalised… everyone is different!

Male hair loss is preventable, as long as it’s caught early enough (left too long and it could be permanent). Start your hair loss treatment today.

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