Is telemedicine in Australia legal?

Yes, telemedicine in Australia is legal. We’ve worked closely with Australia’s top hair loss authorities and healthcare lawyers to create an experience that is safe, legal, and seamless for our patients.

What is telemedicine in Australia?

In Australia, telemedicine means a way of accessing medical care — including doctor consultations and prescriptions – without need to be present in the same room as the doctor. 

Telemedicine is typically conducted as a phone call or video chat (often called telehealth) or through emails and text messages.

Telemedicine is legal in all states and is a legitimate way to access the medical care you need without attending a clinic. 

Can I speak to my doctor on the phone via a telehealth appointment?

Yes. A Patient Services team member can schedule time for you to speak to a doctor whenever you need. Simply email us at [email protected] to set up a time or call (03) 8899 6322.

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