Is shedding common with The Hairy Pill®?

Noticing some extra hair shedding on your brush, after the shower, or on your pillow?

That’s totally normal. In fact, it’s a good sign!

At the early stages (and throughout especially after dose increases) of your The Hairy Pill® journey, you may experience some hair shedding, which actually indicates that the treatment is working — this is the first stage of new growth!

Hair grows in cycles, so you’ll often move two steps forward (growth) and one step back (shedding) with the medication at first, over and again. As The Hairy Pill® starts to stimulate growth, new hair follicles from below will push out most of the old/dead hairs. This will make room for fresh new growth but it will feel like your hair is thinning out first.

Eventually, your hair can become much thicker, fuller and stronger all over. Then the shedding cycles will become much less noticeable.

You’ll also be on a more consistent dose over time so the changes will be more consistent. Hair loss is very slow at the hairline (it takes years) without replacement, whereas hair fall is fast and noticeable (medication related) with replacement.

How long does The Hairy Pill® shedding last? 

It generally lasts around 4-8 weeks, after which point, you can notice thickening. This can happen in multiple cycles over the first 6-12 months until hopefully you’ll have much fuller coverage.

Not noticing any shedding?

If you aren’t noticing any shedding, please don’t be concerned. Each person is different and has a different sensitivity to treatment.

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