How to stop hair loss and start regrowing my hair?

The most proven way to stop hair loss is through preventative medical treatments.

Can I prevent hair loss?

Yes, you can! The best way to prevent hair loss is to start treatment as early as possible and be proactive rather than reactive. The Hairy Pill® provides access to a preventative medical treatment.

What can I do to regrow my hair?

There are some shampoos and gels that can assist with hair regrowth, but they do not generally provide the kind of results you can expect from prescription medication.

Scalp massages, laser therapy, certain vitamins and supplements, amino acids and herbal remedies like palmetto have all been linked to hair regrowth. But none of these have been scientifically proven to stimulate significant regrowth.

We recommend consulting your doctor or the experts at The Hairy Pill® before starting your hair loss treatment.

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