How often will I receive The Hairy Pill® treatment?

The Hairy Pill® subscription works on a 90-day cycle, which means your first refill (90-day supply) will be processed 3 months after your first order.

It will be shipped shortly after you’ve had a phone consultation with one of our friendly doctors at The Hairy Pill®.

Every shipment is included in the cost of your treatment and is delivered via Australia Post’s express service.

Why is The Hairy Pill® on a 90-day cycle?

The Hairy Pill® runs on a 90-day cycle because most patients start seeing results in 3-6 months. Your first doctor follow-up consultation occurs after 3 months, which enables the doctor to adjust the dose and/or ingredients, if necessary. That’s when you will receive your next bottle. 

Please note if you’re having any issues prior to the 3 month consultation (or at any time), simply call our patient services team on  (03) 8899 6322 or email us at [email protected].au to organise a consultation with the doctor and potentially make a dose and/or ingredient change at no additional charge. 

All subsequent bottles are processed 3 months after the previous bottle. Our subscription-based structure means that your treatment should always arrive in time, so you never miss a dose.

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