How much does The Hairy Pill® cost?

The Hairy Pill® is a subscription service that costs $75 a month. This price covers your hair growth treatment, ongoing doctor consultations, compound pharmacy production and express delivery, and support from our patient services team. 

That works out at just $2.50 a day — or less than a coffee a day — to help prevent further hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

There are no additional charges or lock-in contracts. Ever. You can cancel, pause, or realign at any time, though we do recommend sticking to the treatment plan to try and get the very best hair retention and growth results. 

How much does The Hairy Pill cost?

To start, you will pay $225 to cover the first 3 months upfront. After that, you will pay a $75 monthly subscription fee from the beginning of your 4th month, which covers your hair growth treatment (compounded and express-posted by the pharmacy) and all consults with the doctors. So, it’s the same price always; $225 per quarter with the first upfront, and future payments broken down monthly. If there is any confusion, please reach out and our friendly team will happily explain. 

Why is it 3 months upfront?

Results generally take around 3-6 months, which is why you commit to at least 3 months to begin with. We want you to get value out of the treatment and see exceptional results.

See real results from real people.

How much is a The Hairy Pill® doctor consultation?

The Hairy Pill® includes follow-up phone consults with an expert doctor at months 3, 6, 9, 12 etc. and beyond. These consultations are included in your subscription and incur no additional cost. A consultation with the doctor at anytime required is also at no additional cost. 

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