Does The Hairy Pill® have side effects?

All medications (even Panadol!) can have side effects. When it comes to The Hairy Pill®, there is a very low incidence of side effects with the treatment.

The dosing strategy provided by our partner doctors means you’ll likely start treatment on a low dose to significantly reduce your chance of having side effects and over the course of treatment, the doctors will work to find your lowest effective dose. It’s very important to note; low doses will not impact treatment efficacy.

As our partner pharmacies compound the medication each time, the doctors and the pharmacists have a great degree of control and, in the unlikely event you experience any side effects, your treatment can be changed (your dose and/or ingredients) at no additional charge to remove the side effect/s immediately.

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Will hair grow elsewhere on my body as a result of the treatment?

Stimulation of hair growth elsewhere is rare. The vast majority (approx. 95%) of people will not experience this. 

This is because the hair follicles on your head have the greatest capacity for stimulation. The hair on your head grows longer than any other hair on the body, so these follicles remain in active growth (otherwise known as the anagen phase) longer than other hair follicles.


Is The Hairy Pill® safe?

The Hairy Pill® ensures you can safely and securely access a highly regarded and effective prescription hair loss medication. Not to mention the facilitation of ongoing doctor phone consultations, ongoing compound pharmacist production and express delivery, and ongoing support from our exceptional patient services team.

The active ingredients used in The Hairy Pill® are consistently tested by a third party to ensure the correct quantity is being compounded in each pill and that the quality is not compromised.

Please always feel welcome to call us on (03) 8899 6322 or email us at [email protected] if you would like to discuss the treatment’s safety and/or potential side effects further.


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