The Science

It's a hairy subject but a good one.
There are many others in market selling everything from vitamins alone (sounds fishy), kits with shampoos, tablets and topical solutions (too complicated), re-branded medication from the 90’s (new name, same outcome), wigs (what if it’s windy?) and surgery (expensive).

The Hairy Pill® is different

  • It's a single pill packed with everything, taken daily.
  • Tailored to you as hair loss isn't one-size-fits-all.
  • Consults track progress and change doses to improve results.
  • It’s patented so you can’t get it anywhere else online.

How it works

Your dose
To stop
hair loss
Imagine your car is rolling down a hill in neutral. It’ll keep on rolling until it reaches the bottom. However, if you put your handbrake on, it’ll stop. The first active ingredient* is like your handbrake on hair loss to prevent your hair from falling out.

*Due to regulations, pharmaceuticals can't be listed. Please contact us for more details.
Your dose
To stimulate
hair growth
Now imagine you put your car in reverse and it goes back up the hill. Equally important is the second active ingredient*, which is like reverse in your car. It can stimulate your hairs to grow. You may shed first but this is temporary as your old hair is replaced by new, thicker hair.

*Due to regulations, pharmaceuticals can't be listed. Please contact us for more details.
Your dose
To help keep
hair healthy
Now imagine your car is supercharged to get you back up the hill faster. Vitamins, essential elements and amino acids as the final ingredients are like the supercharge. These act as the building blocks to support and improve your hair health.

Let's be honest

If caught early hair loss may be reversible or preventable. If left too long, it may be permanent. Results vary and the only way to tell how much hair you can regrow is to start treatment.
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The professor

World-renowned is not an exaggeration. Professor Rodney Sinclair is at the forefront of hair loss research and diagnosis globally. He’s currently Director of Sinclair Dermatology, Director of Dermatology at Epworth Hospital Melbourne and Professor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Impressive stuff.

The suppliers

Our trusted partner doctors are trained professionals; registered and based right here in Australia. Our pharmacy partners compound and dispense your personalised bottle of The Hairy Pill® on-site to the precise dose specified by the doctors and your prescription. Great compounding is an art and these guys produce the Mona Lisa.